Blue Indigo Plaster Vase


Delicate, and softly-colored vases, with resin drips around the openings. Exceedingly beautiful empty, or with flowers. 

Product Information:

Dimensions: 5.5" dia x 5.5" H

Artist Information:

Elyse Graham's pieces are individually handmade in her studio, resulting in one-of-a-kind works of art that are each special and exclusive for her clients. Graham is mastering a new form in developing decorative vases, geodes, small-scale jewelry and accessories. The goal is not to create individual artistic objects to present in a gallery space, but to actually design works that are to be experienced in everyday homes. Her latest Drip Series involves a unique design process in which she swirls plaster around inflated balloons to create the mold for her vases. She then drips resin around the opening of each object, resulting in the appearance of a liquid splash, frozen in time.


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